Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 09-16-2009 by
Frugal Dougal
September 16 2009


I have the best Pram in the World2


What a refined GentleManDog


Which one is the African Beauty?


Pepi used to be an Astronaut


Check out the Kick-Boxing Boots


My Favourite Pal


Duckie Duckie


Time with Duckie


What a handsome Chap


Pepi 8 months ago


German Jogging Outfit


Pepi with Grandpa


Pepi and Grandpa have a nap together


What you looking at I am sleeping!


Sometimes Pepi Picks up hitchhickers


Pepi at Woodstock #PawPawty


Pepi of Arabia


I say waiter bring me a strong one please


Pepi my angel


What an outfit


Walking with mum


Happy days


Pepi picks up the mail


Pepi the Pirate


I can stop cars and demand drive to Dog Park


Officer Pepi


What a looker


Red is my colour you know


Everyone needs a little nap time


Oh you like my fur?


Suits You sir!!


Having a little rest


O Speedo Membership Application Photo


Funky Hair


Ohh that feels so good


Pepi on Sunday 13th at special event


Pepi & Mum Sunday 13th at special event


Pepi & Mum Sunday 13th at special event


Pepi & Mum Sunday 13th at special event


Mum's favourite photo


Beautiful Boy


Best Friends


Pepi at hospital


Pepi at hospital


At hospital, get the dolphin!!


Oh no not the lampshade


Pepi at hospital


Pepi having a cuddle at hospital


Safe Home final resting


From Your Twitter Pals, Furever in our Hearts


Pepi Love you Forever


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