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September 16 2009

Pepi& Mum On Sunday 13th September 2009

 When Pepi went to his "Special Function" on Sunday, as The Guest of Honor, he rose to the occasion and was in his element ! 

The Nurses had given him a "secret" bath, so he was all clean and fluffy and smelling fresh.

He rode around in his Pram, dressed in his Board-Shorts, T-shirt and cap, with his dog-cell-phone (amazing everyone cause it actually rings !)

Then he did a costume change and re-appeared in his Dinner Suit. 

Well, people couldn't believe it ! 


He was lifted up onto the stage, still in his Pram, and gave his "Speech". 

We spoke of the joy of Adopting a Senior Pet, cat or dog, along with all the things they have to offer.  

We also talked about many of Pepi's achievements, his Media career, his Twitter life, his Professional Photographic Shoots and his Newspaper Journalistic Interviews.


The crowds cheered each time more information was revealed about him.

He soaked it all up and loved every minute of it.  He was handed a gift bag with a blue Leather Lead and Pet Spa gift Voucher.

He then happily posed for photos for the Official Photographer.  He was in his element.


He then did another costume change back to his Board-Shorts and T-shirt and Cap, posed for the Official Photographer several more times and had a couple of hundred pats from well wishers.


With all his "jobs" done, I wheeled him over to a clump of shady trees and took everything off him, put him on the grass and let him be: a DOG.

He sniffed around and enjoyed himself: as a DOG.


We went back to the car, he rode on my knee & we both shared cake together.  We both had a great day !!

He did all this with the Catheter in his still in his leg.

I did not want this time to end.  This is when I wanted to stop the clock.


When Pepi went back into ICU, he barked all afternoon.  Vets said "happy barks, he keeps telling us what a good time he had."

When Pepi was Hospitalized, I had no intention of attending this Function; however, the Vet's got together and insisted I go !!

I was so pleased they "bullied" me into still attending Pepi's Big Day.  He and I together, both had a great time.  Treasured memories !




 Pepi suffered Kidney Failure and was put on twice the normal rate of IVs used for dogs.  His Ultra Sound, done on Monday, showed no actual kidney damage, except his kidneys were "old and tired."  After double amounts for 36hrs, an IV weaning time of 36hrs then commenced, to get his body to stand by itself without any IVs. 

Monday was good. Tuesday was brilliant !! Tuesday he ate 5 meals of the correct food! Very happy and very perky! Specialist said he can go home tomorrow. Thrilled !! 

Wednesday morning he was good. Wednesday afternoon he had final Bloods done and had good reading. Picked him up at 6pm and he seemed a little unsteady on his feet.  Thought he might be tired. Home at 6.30pm.  He seemed disorientated and took him outside to lawn and within minutes he fell sideways into the garden and began violently seizing.  Thought he was dying.  Eventually he went unconscious.

By this time Pepi and I were back in the car and heading back to the ICU.

When we arrived, his Canine Specialist was still there and was stunned at what was happening.  Especially when the Blood had just been done hours earlier, with no indication of this tragedy looming.


Pepi needed the IVs to re-ignite his kidneys after his General Anaesthetic for a yearly Dental Cleaning (gingervitus infection), which then overloaded his kidneys (even though his Bloods prior to it showed all clear for Ana.)  

After Pepi suffered this seizure, the only treatment for immediate survival was to immediately lower his blood pressure.  However, doing that guaranteed to blow out his kidneys.  There was no-where to go.

He was standing on the exam table, composed, fully conscious and aware of what was going on around him.  His heart was still as strong as ever.

It appears his "new" high Blood Pressure had caused some type of inner blow-out, leaving him with possible brain damage as well; not confirmed but not ruled out either.  His face looked "different".  Even the nurses said "he looks different".


Pepi fought a fine and brave fight. He was an outstanding dog! My best friend! I do not have children and so he became like a son to me, even though he was definitely a DOG.  He will be missed more than my words can express.  I loved him dearly.  He was Euthanized at 7.05 pm, Wed 16th, 09.

He is buried in our lovely garden and every time I look out my bedroom window, I see him.  It is a small comfort to know he is there.

It was a Privilege and an Honor to have known him and shared my life with him. He will always live on in my heart.





Pepi & Michele on 13th Breakfast Event

Today I spoke with the Official Photographer from Animal Welfare's Function and he clearly remembered Pepi.

When I told him Pepi had died, he became very emotional and broke down into tears.
He said he was such a beautiful dog and he just didn't seem sick; he looked in good health. 
Reminded him Pepi had a catheter in his leg, and the poor guy said yes he knows I told him that, but because Pepi looked SO well, he didn't pay any attention to that.


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